Foretell: to tell of beforehand

“As I walk the vines for each vintage, I rely on the knowledge of those that came before me and my own experience. I react to the climate, the soils and the angle of the sun that hits the surface of the leaves and clusters. I make decisions that will ultimately shape those grapes into the wine that I envision. Influencing the variables with viticultural practices that coax the grapes in the desired direction, while understanding the natural trajectory as predetermined by the place in the vineyard.

FORETELL wines are a reflection of my winemaking journey. I rely on decades of experience to play the ultimate role in shaping the future of the grapes into wine. Working with small world class vineyards that I have crafted wines from for over 15 years, I FORETELL the future of the grapes into these wines that are destined to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones around an amazing meal.”

-Sam Baxter
Founder and Winemaker